Pyronics Low Cost Blowers are used for many industrial and commercial applications requiring air at a specific pressure and volume.

The unique design of the single stage unit incorporates a minimum of field maintenance. Sideplates and scroll are steel. Specially designed extruded rubber seals, held tight by tie bolts, prevent leakage. Aluminum impellors, direct connected, provide smooth and quiet operation of the blowers.

3450 RPM face-mounted open motors are furnished as standard. T.E.F.C. motors available at additional cost. No special shafts are required. Outlet positions are easily changed in the field to accommodate the installation. Sturdy, angle-type legs may be bolted in one of four positions. The blowers are supplied with guarded inlet, counterclockwise rotation (as viewed from the motor side), bottom horizontal discharge flange with extension for flexible connection.

All these features incorporated in our LC Blower permit easy, rapid cleaning with minimal maintenance.

Available accessories to be used with the LC Blowers are the Flexible Blower Sleeves, Blower Vibration Pads, and Blower Silencer Packages.

1. CFM capacities are based on 1.15 motor service factor, 60 Hz, 3450 RPM.
2. Blower motor may be damaged if operated without limiting orifice.

Capacity Table – Open Motor

Capacity Table – T.E.F.C. Motor


Note: Third set of digits in model number denotes motor horsepower.
All dimensions are in inches.

LC-LF-Motor-Side-SchematicOrdering Information

  1. Specify model number and quantity.
  2. Indicate available power; voltage, phase, and hertz.
  3. Blowers supplied with open motors. If T.E.F.C. motor is required, indicate by adding ‘T’ to model number such as LC 8-4-1-T-LF.
  4. Specify blower discharge position. (Note: Unless otherwise specified, blowers will be shipped with Number 1 outlet position). If reverse rotation is desired, indicate by adding ‘A’ to model number such as LC 8-4-1-2A-LF.
  5. Specify desired accessories and spares.
  6. Specify shipping instructions.

Features and Benefits

  • Low cost
  • High capacity
  • Rugged, light weight construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Capacities — 140 – 2900 cfm
  • Pressures – 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 osi
  • Four standard discharge positions – easily changed
  • All units factory tested before shipment