Combustion Systems and Controls
Selas/ERB can provide any type of combustion system and control you require, from simple atmospheric to intelligent closed loop systems; from a few thousand to several million BTU; from one burner or hundreds. We can design, fabricate and install any type of system and control package you need.

We also provide small rental combustion systems to check whether a particular application will work or to assist you in determining what size you require.

All our systems and controls meet or exceed the present regulations, NFPA, CE/UL, TSSA and OSHA are all within our ability. You will always have confidence that you have a safe system for your plant and personnel.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs.

All burners require a mixture of fuel and air in order to work properly. This mixture can be supplied by use of an Inspirators, using the gas pressure to induce an air flow, or through a Fueljector, wherein the air pressure induces a gas flow. This second system can be constructed with either an air supply from compressed air and an Inspirators or with a blower. The use of a blower allows the system to operate independent of the availability of shop air. This system can be built for as little as 2 burners, up to 20 or more.

Each burner would be equipped with its own flame safety control, with the gas solenoids prepiped on the system. Air and gas mixture are adjustable independently on each burner. The combustion air blower is provided with an air filter. The electrical panel is wired for either 208/230V or 460V 3?. All systems of 100,000 BTU’s or more are provided with dual gas safety valves, pressure regulator, zero gas regulator, high and low gas pressure switches, as well as a proof of closure switch for IRI requirements. The entire system is built to allow replacement of parts without dismantling the entire gas train.