Pyronics FLOMIXERS, model 2301, are proportional mixing devices that utilize the energy of a stream of air at pressures up to several pounds to (1) entrain a combustible gas, and (2) to deliver the mixture at unusually high pressure to the burners.

Some advantages incorporated in the design of the Flomixer are:

(a) Use of Flange connections eliminating unions in gas and air lines.
(b) Easy accessibility of entrainment insert for inspection, cleaning or changing capacity without disconnecting gas or air lines.
(c) Universal type Gas Adjuster – good for any kind of gas. Can be sealed if desired.
(d) Ample pressure test plugs to facilitate checking air pressure, gas suction, and mixture pressure.
(e) Complete flexibility of right and left – up or down installation without special parts.
(f ) By replacing the combination butterfly flange with pipe flange existing air control valve or gate may be utilized.