Pyronics Hijectors are designed to use high pressure gas (up to 35 psig) to entrain all the air needed to make a complete combustible mixture and to deliver it to the burners at the highest possible pressure.

Hijectors are designed along thoroughly proved lines but the external arrangement of the parts has been changed to permit incorporating a number of refinements. These refinements are of particular advantage to the installation and maintenance engineer. By reversing the usual operation of the air shutter and locating it on the body, the following advantages develop:

(a) Orifice spud may be removed easily without disconnecting piping.
(b) Overall length of unit is materially cut down.
(c) Orifice and air entrainment space easily accessible for cleaning or inspection.
(d) Air entrainment noises reduced.
(e) Shutter cannot get lost even though backed entirely out of the way.

A mounting boss with tapped holes simplifies mounting the Hijector solidly on a furnace or appliance.