Air is moved through the heater shells by a blower fan (not included) and is mixed with the hot products of combustion. Temperature rise across the heater depends upon air flow and burner input.

Note: burners sold separately

Air flows between the inner and outer shells, then turns 180 degrees and flows parallel with the flame. An alloy flame shield protects the flame from quenching.

The Air Heater may be installed on either the inlet (pull through) or discharge side (push through) of recirculating heat fans with appropriate burner-mixer systems.

Air Heater barrels are fastened to the legs with “U” bolts so that the inlet may be rotated to any convenient position. A second inlet for make-up air may be easily provided.

NOTE : Pressure loss across Air Heater approximately 0.5” W.C.
Heat fans should be selected for proper operating temperature, pressure and capacity to allow for duct and system losses.



NOTE : All Dimensions Are In Inches

Features and Benefits

  • Direct fired for maximum efficiency
  • Two pass, three shell design
  • Alloy flame shields
  • Operate either as Push-Through or Pull-Through heater
  • Outlet air temperature up to 600°F
  • Inlet position rotatable in field