The detector tube has a peak spectral response in the short wave ultra-violet region and, therefore, will not be activated by visable light, infra-red energy or sunlight, etc. The detector responds to the ultraviolet radiation generated by all flames.

The detector electronics have been designed to be compatible with the standard Sens-A-Flame II systems. The system may be used with either 7150, 7155 Detectors of Flame Rods without modification. Both Detectors and Flame Rods may be used intermixed on the same installation. Dual sensing means UV detectors and/or Flame Rods may be used on any flame input terminal.

Features and Benefits

  • Die cast Housing
  • Weather Resistant
  • Standard 5 PSIG Pressure seal
  • Optional 25 PSIG Window or Lens
  • Optional Integral Quartz Magnifying Lens
  • 1 Sighting Connection for maximum aperture
  • Provisions for air purge
  • Hi-Intensity Model available