The cylindrical plug valve has a micrometer type screw thread adjusting stem for the orifice. This fine running thread permits very fine adjustment of the orifice valve position and gas flow.

The 12 GAF 16 and larger adjuster stems are furnished with a lock nut for positive fixing of the valve position. The entire adjusting assembly is furnished with a cap with an O-ring to prevent tampering and leakage.

Pyronics standard four bolt flanges are used on the down stream side of all adjustable orifices. These flanges are equipped with 1/8” NPT tappings for pressure measurements. A wide variety of inlet and outlet pipe sizes are available.

Capacities listed in the dimension table are for 0.60 specific gravity gas. Conversion of these capacities to other gravities or pressure drops is in accordance to standard formula.

Capacity Table

Note: All dimensions are in inches.

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Features and Benefits

  • Flanged Adjustable-limit orifice valve.
  • Gas tight construction O-ring sealed valve.
  • Rated for 5 psig service gas or air.
  • Rising stem micro-control adjustable.
  • Lock nut for positive valve position.
  • Rugged cast iron construction.
  • Available in a wide variety of inlet and outlet sizes.