The AM series IR burners use infrared burners both above and below the conveyor belt as a replacement for ribbon burners, saving fuel and increasing product quality.

The Apollo Ray AM-123 has a sintered alloy fiber emitter that provides even heat dispersion, high radiance and energy efficiency. Angled media burners take infrared heating to the next level with a unique trapezoid shape that provides IR radiance at a 145° angle.

Red-Ray’s Apollo Ray Angled Media IR burner can cut fuel costs in half by replacing ribbon burners on a 2:1 basis! It has been designed for easy retrofitting into existing 5” diameter oven ports. The existing mixers can also be used and the burners can be placed either above or below the belt.

Features and Benefits

  • High performance multi-layer metal fiber alloy emitter
  • Input fuel is converted to 65% infrared, 35% convective energy
  • High surface area to entrain air gas mixture
  • 145 degree infrared radiant pattern
  • Corrosion resistant all stainless steel construction
  • Rapid heating and cooling
  • Modular burner sections with stainless steel orifice union connectors
  • Durable performance in high temperature Environments
  • Radiant energy is transferred directly into the product
  • High heat flux density per square inch of emitter surface
  • Product uniformity due to continuous and diffused admittance of radiation
  • Provides structural integrity with low heat distortion
  • Reduces startup (fuel) costs and product losses
  • Quick and easy replacement of burner sections with uniform firing rate across entire burner length

Operating Principles

This IR Burner is a top performer for baking high quality cookies, crackers and flat breads. Its unique shape causes the infrared heat to radiate at a 145° angle, providing a diffuse and continuous radiant pattern throughout the baking process. It is available in 2 sizes – AM-73, (7” x 3”) and AM-123, (12” x 3”), allowing a combination of sizes to fit any oven.

The AM-123 and AM-73 are constructed of type 304 stainless steel with a sintered alloy fiber emitter. This surface combustion emitter’s output is approximately 65% infrared and 35% convection. The AM-73 has a rated input capacity of 10,100 Btu/hr. The AM-123 has a rated input capacity of 17,300 Btu/hr. The AM series burners reach full fire in seconds and cool down just as quickly. This further enhances fuel efficiency and prevents burning of product in the event of line stoppage. Flame safety management is provided by a specially designed spark ignition and monitoring system.

Apollo-Ray IR burner: AM-73, 7″ x 3″ Angled Media Burner

Apollo-Ray IR burner: AM-123, 12″ x 3″ Angled Media Burner