67IR and 64IR Infrared Burners are impingement type infrared generators incorporating shaped refractory blocks.

Rows of small ports direct flame against the curved block surfaces, heating them to temperatures ranging from 1800° F to 2200° F. Infrared burners produce a high intensity, concentrated radiation.

In addition, the curvature of the refractory directs a hot, turbulent stream of exhaust gases toward the product, scrubbing the surface of vapor films and enhancing heat transfer.


  • 67IR – 60,000 Btu/section at 8″ w.c. mixture pressure
  • 64IR – 30,000 Btu/section at 8″ w.c. mixture pressure
  • Develops high radiant temperatures to 2200° F
  • Strong forward velocity convection heat produced along with high intensity infrared

E-Series-illus Impingment-illus

Features and Benefits

  • 30%IR, 70% convective energy
  • Strong forward velocity heat
  • Optimum combination for certain applications
  • High thermal transfer to substrate enhancing drying and curing