Red-Ray’s MR-12 infrared burner has a fine porosity metal alloy refractory grid. This durable metal refractory has excellent resistance to impact, thermal shock and water damage. Its built-in flame arrester is especially beneficial for use with propane/air.

The MR-12 Burner is a replacement for the QC-12, an earlier technology. It is interchangeable on QC-12 manifolds and has the same operating parameters. QC-12 systems can easily be upgraded to an MR-12 system.

Selas continues to supply the QC-12 burner along with its spare parts, but it has been upgraded to the model MR-12.

Features and Benefits

  • Flash resistant, fine porosity, metallic foam emitter
  • Input fuel is converted to 65% infrared, 35% convective energy
  • Flat faced construction
  • Durable cast iron housing with high temperature expanding gasket material
  • Modular burner sections with steel orifice union connectors
  • Replaceable emitter kit with stainless steel rail attachments
  • Radiant heat is distributed uniformly
  • Radiant energy is transferred directly into the product
  • Burner can be placed closer to item to maximize radiant energy transfer
  • Structural Integrity in continuously operating ovens
  • Quick and easy replacement of burner sections with uniform firing rate across entire burner length
  • Lower stress design and cost effective maintenance

Operating Principles


  • 20,400 Btu/hr for single 12″ section. Heat flux density is 340 Btu/sq in (4,300 Btu/in/hr for MR-12V)
  • 60 sq. in. of burner face per section provides a wide radiating area
  • MR-12H provides drying rates of 0.75 to 1.0 lb/hr moisture (MR-12V provides drying rates of 1.9-2.5 LB/hr per lineal inch)
  • Develops burner face temperature to 1700° F with turndown ratio of 2.5 to 1

Cost Savings

  • Competitively priced
  • Fuel efficient
  • Simple to install in new systems
  • Easy to retrofit on existing systems
  • Does not require costly burner rotating equipment
  • Cooling air plenum and auxiliary equipment not required
  • Simplifies turnkey service for OEM’s