The MR-86 is a 6” x 8” gas-fired infrared surface combustion burner. Its metal alloy foam emitter and stainless steel body make it an outstanding choice for many food production processes such as browning, pre-cooking or roasting meat. Its high radiance enables rapid searing of meat, allowing the product interior to remain moist. The MR-86 is also excellent for a wide variety of industrial applications requiring corrosion resistance, high heat flux density and low combustion velocity.

The MR-86 has a maximum capacity of 17,000 BTU at 3.5” W.C. and reaches a maximum emitter temperature of 1700°F. It is designed to operate using an oxygen level of 19.1%-19.3%. It’s radiant output is approximately 65% infrared and 35% convective heat. The MR-86 has a turndown ratio of 2.5 to 1, allowing it to run at lower temperatures (e.g., 1100°F) during line slowdowns or when processing more heat sensitive product. It’s ability to quickly cool down prevents product damage in the event of a line stoppage. Upon re-start, the burner will quickly return full fire, reaching peak temperature in seconds while maximizing labor efficiency and minimizing energy costs.

The MR-86 emitter is made of fine porosity metal alloy foam that provides an even combustion surface and consistent air/gas flow to prevent internal flashing. The emitter is enclosed in a stainless steel frame that is welded onto the housing and sealed with a high temperature gasket to eliminate escape pathways and ensure optimum air/gas flow. Since this is a flat-faced burner, it can be placed close to the product, enabling faster line speeds and enhancing energy efficiency.

The all stainless steel body of the MR-86 provides resistance to heat and chemicals including those typically used in the food industry. The full perimeter weld option is available for added corrosion resistance and to create a complete seal between the frame and housing. This prohibits entry of any foreign substances, such as cleaning compounds or by-products of the manufacturing process, into the burner body.

The MR-86 burner sections can be attached to the manifold using a short, 1-1/2” or long, 2-3/8” union connector and nipple assembly. The burner sections can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a manifold. The long connector is available in stainless steel (UCA-50) or carbon steel (UCR-50). The shorter connector (UCA-51) is stainless steel. These connectors are threaded, allowing for quick and easy removal and installation of burner sections. Ignition can be provided by a direct spark or a standing pilot. The flame can be monitored by a flame rod or UV scanner. Ignitors and monitors are available with either stainless steel or brass components.

Red-Ray’s engineers will design and supply your entire process heating system, including combustion control equipment. These systems reflect a wealth of application knowledge that has been developed over more than 60 years of service to industry. Red-Ray’s technology leadership can provide your company with the utmost in durability, efficiency and cost effective process heating solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Flash resistant, fine porosity, metallic foam emitter
  • Input fuel is converted to 65% infrared, 35% convective energy
  • Flat faced construction
  • Clean design lines
  • 16 gauge stainless steel body
  • Frame attached to housing with full perimeter weld
  • Modular burner sections with stainless steel orifice union connectors
  • Radiant heat is distributed uniformly
  • Radiant energy is transferred directly into the product
  • Burner can be placed closer to item to maximize radiant energy transfer
  • Reduces areas for contamination or grease buildup
  • Structurally sound with rapid heat up, quick cool down capabilities
  • Cleaning fluids do not seep into burner during wash down
  • Quick and easy replacement of burner sections with uniform firing rate across entire burner length