The Pyronics High Velocity Single Tunnel Hot Shot (HS) series is used primarily where a high recirculation rate of the products of combustion is required. They produce a high-velocity stream of hot gases at the exit of the burner tunnel which will give a high degree of heat penetration into the work in a furnace. The result being greater efficiency with reduced fuel costs. Burners can also operate with excess air or fuel providing additional versatility in process applications. (For Dual-Fuel Hi-Velocity Burners, see Bulletin 3640).


  • Periodic Kilns – Shuttle Kilns – Tunnel Kilns
  • Large Carbottom Furnaces – Heat Treating – Stress Relieving
  • Ladle Heating – Impingement Heating – Reverberatory Furnaces


Features and Benefits

  • High-Velocity: 250 ft./sec.
  • Refractory Block: 3000°F (3300°F refractory available)
  • Block Casings: Steel or alloy available for fiber lined furnaces.
  • Air/Gas Connections: Flanged for ease of installation.
  • 5 Sizes: 1 1/2 to 6 NPT Air Connections.
  • Ratings: 320,000 to 5,150,000 BTU/HR at 20 oz. air pressure at burner (see Table).
  • Turndown: 10 to 1
  • Excess Air: 300% (without pilot)
  • Excess Fuel: 40% (without pilot)
  • Burner Ports: Pilot, flame monitoring, and sight (sight glass not included).
  • Direct Spark: Available (low fire start only)
  • Preheated Air: Up to 750°F as Std. (1000°F units available, consult factory).