The Hot Shot Dual Fuel (HSDF) series is a nozzle-mixing high velocity burner which will burn most gaseous fuels as well as light distillate oils. With either fuel being used the products of combustion are high velocity gases which provide fast penetration and improved temperature uniformity to the work in a furnace. As a result, greater efficiency is obtained and greater fuel savings realized. Being able to switch from one fuel to another without interruption gives the user great versatility in areas where gaseous fuels may be curtailed. The HSDF series will operate on ratio and with excess air or gas for additional versatility.


High Velocity:?300 ft./sec. (oil),?250ft./sec (gas)
Refractory Block:?3000°F (3300°F refractory available)
Block Casings:?Steel or alloy available for fiber lined furnaces
5 Sizes:?1-1/2” to 6” NPT Air Connections
Ratings:?350,000 to 5,600,000 BTU/hr. (oil),?320,000 to 5,150,000 BTU/hr. (gas)
Turndown:?8 to 1 (oil); 10 to 1 (gas)
Excess Air:?300% (without pilot)
Excess Fuel:?(Gas Only) 40% (without pilot)
Burner Ports:?Gas pilot, flame monitoring, and sight (sight glass not included)
Preheated Air:?Up to 750°F as Std. (1000°F unit available, consult factory)


  • Periodic Kilns – Shuttle Kilns – Tunnel Kilns
  • Large Carbottom Furnaces – Heat Treating – Stress Relieving
  • Ladle Heating – Impingement Heating – Reverberatory Furnaces