The burners are equipped with advanced silicon carbide firing tubes and incorporate 2-stage combustion. HMB Burners are available in two nominal capacity sizes: 350,000 BTU/hr and 650,000 BTU/hr.

Specially designed nozzles provide cool NOx-inhibiting first stage combustion. Final combustion occurs in the second stage area where combustion products exit at velocities of over 400 fps.

This high velocity drives heat into dense loads and agitates the furnace atmosphere for thorough heat distribution assuring faster through-put.

HMB Burners function well with either cold or preheated combustion air to temperatures of 1000°F.

Light weight SiC firing tubes are self-supporting, eliminating the need for costly and difficult-to-maintain in-furnace support systems. The burners are ideal for installation in either brick or fiber wall furnaces. The burners are easily mounted to the furnace with only four bolts.

The HMB Burner will work with either Ultraviolet or Flame Rod flame detectors. The need to air purge ultraviolet detectors is greatly reduced because the detector is not directly connected to the combustion chamber where condensation can fog the detector’s lens.

Direct spark ignition eliminates the need for high maintenance pilots and allows flexibility in designing the control system. Full Modulation, Gas Only Modulation, High-Low, On-Off and Pulse-Firing are all possible with the HMB.

An inlet air orifice can be sized to compensate for preheated combustion air. The HMB will operate at its nominal rating at 20” W. C. whether the combustion air temperature is 60°F or 1000°F by adjusting the size of the inlet air orifice.

The HMB will operate extremely well on most gaseous fuels including Natural Gas, LP Gases, and Clean Manufactured Gases.


  • Bell or Rectangular Cover
  • Annealing Furnaces
  • Sintering Furnaces
  • Slot and Box Type Forge Furnaces
  • Nonferrous Melting Furnaces

Features and Benefits

  • Low NOx Formation
  • High Velocity Flame
  • Preheated Air Temperature to 1000°F
  • Self-Supporting SiC Burner Tubes
  • Direct Spark Ignition
  • Flame Rod or Ultra Violet Flame Detection
  • Specifically Engineered Air Inlet Orifice