Cool Flame series XDF dual fuel excess air burners are nozzle mixing oil or gas units designed for up to 350% excess air or on ratio firing. A unique stepped tunnel design produces excellent flame stability at all firing rates.

All sizes are designed for turndown of ten to one on ratio with 16 oz. combustion air pressure. Pressure balancing of gas zero governor and oil-air ratio regulators provides constant fuel to air mixes for on ratio firing over the turndown range. The burner is designed for sealed firing in positive, neutral or negative pressure combustion chambers.

Features and Benefits

  • Burns all fuel gases or light oils
  • Nozzle mix design for on ratio control or excess air
  • 350% excess air all sizes on gas or oil
  • Turndown 10:1 on ratio with single air valve control
  • Excellent flame stability instant lighting with either fuel
  • Sealed construction for back pressure firing to 10 PSIG
  • Pilot, flame rod and U.V. scanner mountings in tapped holes
  • Unique stepped tunnel design
  • Patented atomization
  • Simplified construction – no moving parts