The Selas Fume Cone?gas burner?nozzle and lance are manufactured using high grade heat resistant stainless steels, and the fume cone itself is manufactured from very high quality heat resistant Inconel alloys to maximize plant life and operating reliability.

The complete fume cone?burner assembly normally consists of the fuel nozzle and lance assembly fitted with a fume -process cone, complete with insulated steel mounting plate.?The mounting plate is usually circular and fitted with either 250mm or 300mm of insulation, and?a viewing window, optional U.V. flame sensor mounting and pressure tests, and cooling air connection points.

The spark electrode fitted into the fuel lance can be withdrawn from the back of the assembly.

The nozzle mix design of the burner and the progressive air mixing feature of the combustion head ensure that the burners can operate with high turn down capability; turndown rates of 25:1 are possible depending on burner application and selection.

Complete Prepackaged Burners

Each fume cone gas burner unit is supplied with a packaged and pre-piped valve assembly, including the safety valves, flame safety and ignition controls necessary to form a fully pre-packaged combustion module.

All combustion air for the burner is supplied from the process air-fumes; the fumes require?a minimum oxygen content of 18%. The burner does not require a separate combustion air fan except in special cases.

Pressure switches, ignition spark plug, flame sensor and all electrical components on the burner are prewired to a terminal enclosure mounted on the burner.?Fully prebuilt burner packages are tested and the operation of all components checked before dispatch from the factory.


Fuel Supply

Flame cone gas?burners can be supplied for operation on natural or LP gases or light fuel oils.?All valve assemblies on the burner are sized to suit a nozzle gas pressure of 10 mbar (on all common fuel gases).? Burners can be supplied to suit other gas types and supply pressures. Inlet supply gas pressures must be adequate to overcome valve assembly, nozzle resistance and any incineration chamber back pressure.

Burner Sizes

The FC burners are available with thermal capacities up to 8800kW and with fume cone diameters up to 1100mm.?The combustion cones of the burners are available in a wide selection of sizes and air-fume hole patterns. Burner cones are sized to have a 8mbar pressure drop across the cone for adequate combustion air supply.?The fume-process air annulus around the burner should be sized to produce the 8mbar drop for the full fume volume.

Types of Control?

All FC burner assemblies are supplied suitable for modulation control.?The control valve may be electrically or pneumatic operated depending on requirements.?All common types of control signal can be accommodated.?The burners can be supplied with loose, remote mounted control consoles containing temperature control instrumentation and process plant switch gear and control gear.

Electrical Supply

Burners can be supplied to suit almost all types of electrical power supply, including 220/380/440v three phase (50 or 60Hz) power supply and with 110/120v or 220/240v control circuits. Burners to suit other electrical voltages can be supplied specially per?application requirement.


Selas-fc-burner-diagram-3 Selas-fc-burner-diagram-4