Custom Packages Provide Superior Performance
Selas PC Package Burners are custom designed for air heating applications requiring nominal capacities from 200,000 to 30,000,000 BTU/hr. PC burners provide high turndown, reliable ignition, and flexible air and gas control options. Typical packages contain a burner, spark ignitor, flame rod and flame safeguard, blower and motor, gas train with air-fuel control, and prewired mounted control panel. For standard packages and more information on how to configure a PC burner package, see the PC Package Burner Selection Brochure. Selas support is available for all package components from burner to controller. Contact a Selas representative to find out how PC burners can best suit particular applications.

Air-Gas Modulation Options for Efficient Operation in Every Application
Flexible air-gas controller options allow for fixed air or ratio air modulation, as well as high/low gas control, gas-only modulation, or precision gas modulation to automatically adjust air-gas ratio to maintain oven temperature within 3°F. Air-gas ratios controlled with linkage system for easy adjustment in-house. 4-20mA signal control motors are standard with all gas modulation options.

Wide Range of Applications, One Burner
For burner applications that require 200,000 to 5MM BTU/hr, PC Package Burners offer several, flexible controller options and 40:1 turndown. Speciallydesigned package configurations available for very low BTU input applications that require consistent operation (i.e. roasting). Higher turndowns available for specially designed systems. Gas trains are approved for use in all countries and motors are available for 60Hz and 50Hz frequencies.

Typical Applications

  • Ovens
  • Air heaters
  • Textile machines
  • Food, paper & pulp, and plastic processing
  • Paper drying
  • Fume incineration
  • Metal industry
  • Low temperature metal finishing