The Pyronics ‘RSP’ series of gas burners are pre-packaged fan assisted units designed to suit virtually all types of low temperature gas fired application; typical applications include the firing of industrial ovens and driers.

The RSP can be fitted into process air ducts having air velocities of 5 to 25m/sec. (recommended = 7.5m/sec) – Air flow should be uniform across the air duct, both upstream and downstream of the burner.

The burners can be installed in a process plant recirculation system were it is not possible to construct a combustion chamber and install a conventional type of burner assembly.

The ‘RSP’ burners consist of an ‘in-line PH’ type combustion head mounted on a sideplate so as to fire parallel to the sideplate in the direction of air flow.

All the air required for combustion is supplied by a combustion air fan mounted on the outside of the sideplate – air is passed to the burner head via an integral air duct.

Process air temperatures up to 400C can be accepted upstream of the burner – downstream temperatures should be limited to 700C.

A heat resistant viewing window and small access plate is fitted into the sideplate and allows visual inspection of the flame during operation.

The nozzle mix design of the burner and the progressive air mixing feature of the combustion head ensure that burners can operate with high turn down capability; turndown ratios up to 40:1 are possible depending on burner applications and selection.

Special Applications
The standard range of RSP burners are designed to be installed on the suction (negative) side of the oven/dryer process air fan.

Burners can be supplied fitted with higher pressure combustion air fans so that burners can be installed on the pressure side of the process air fan.

Burners supplied for installation into positive chamber/duct pressures are fitted with a three way solenoid valve system designed to ensure correct supervision of the combustion air fan pressure switch.