Oil is atomized with low pressure air. Steam atomizing is available when desired. Heavy oil models are provided with burner mounted heaters to regulate the oil temperature at the burner.

Ray circulating oil heater and pumping sets are available to heat and circulate the oil from the tank to the burner.

Ray AFA models use axial flow designs. The fan and motor are directly coupled in line. Air is blown over the motor, cooling it, and is then directed across the burner flame stabilizer by cast aluminum fins. The combustion air is precisely controlled with a Ray designed sliding gate shutter which allows linear air regulation. An adjustable delayed opening device, used on larger burners, provides better air control when operating at lower inputs.

  • Pressure drop through the burner has been reduced. This lowers motor size and cuts operating costs.
  • AFA models are compact. There is no protruding fan case and motor to interfere with boiler doors or access to boiler openings.
  • AFA models are air atomizing or steam atomizing designs for heavy oils and gas.
  • AFP models are pressure atomizing designs for #2 and diesel oils and gas.