The PRS burner is normally used for open firing either individually or in groups where a focused or spot heat is required. Like the Multiport P-R burner, it permits quick installation and can be mounted in any position. Selas offers this flame in a range of sizes allowing wide choice of spear flame intensities and variable flame lengths. The PRS spear flame gas burner is also available with a built-in spark plug (see model PRSE illustration) to provide push button electric ignition.

The PRS burner combines a die-pressed, kiln-fired perforated refractory screen with a heat resistant alloy pilot ring. This produces an accurately piloted spear flame for wide turndown. The PRS burner installs quickly and can be mounted in any position by screwing the standard tapered-pipe thread base into a prepared manifold.

The refractory screen resists clogging and maintains port size while the alloy pilot ring resists corrosion and oxidation. Selas PRS burners can be taken apart for quick cleaning or replacement.

Selas PRS spear flame gas burners provide flexibility, performance, long life and ease of maintenance for localized pointed flame heating.

PRS spear flame burners are often incorporated into combustion systems for applications as diverse as brazing, soldering, jewelry manufacturing, ampoule sealing, glass working, dental manufacturing, spot heat treating, laboratory work, soldering, preheating, and piloting.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in many spear flame intensities and variable flame lengths
  • Perforated refractory screen resists clogging, maintains port size
  • Heat-resistant alloy pilot ring minimizes corrosion and oxidation
  • Designed for easy mounting in any position
  • Easy to clean or replace