Selas Superheat Burners Provide Superior Flame Hardening, Flame Annealing, Fire Polishing, Brazing and Pre-Heating.

Our superheat burners increase the effectiveness of selective open heating by releasing high heat only to very specific areas of a workpiece.

Using commercial fuel gas and air (no bottled oxygen), Selas superheat burners can replace oxy-gas tips and cut operating costs by 10:1 or more.

Gas/air premix is burned under pressure to produce flame temperatures up to 2800°F and blast velocities up to 600 ft./sec. Since conventional gas burners can’t handle these extreme operating conditions, Selas superheat burners are the only viable option for many processes.

Features and Benefits

  • High heat release to localized areas
  • Openings and slot lengths from 3/4 to 60
  • Perfect for automated high-speed production lines
  • Increases effectiveness of selective open heating
  • Low-cost alternative to oxy-gas burner tips
  • Flame temperatures to 2800F
  • Blast velocities to 600 ft/sec
  • Heat release capacities to 25,000 BTU/hr/inch of slot length
  • Instant ignition with optional spark plugs
  • Compact design, durable construction