Pyronics PYRO-LINE Burners are cast iron, drilled port continuous line burners with alloy side rails. The unique mounting of the side rails improves flame retention and allows cooler burner operation under higher ambient temperature.

Burners are available in 12”, 6”, and 3” Straights and 12” Bottom or Side Inlets. The 12” x 6” Cross and 3” x 3” 90° Elbow make possible almost any arrangement of burner assemblies.

PYRO-LINE Burners will operate at mixture pressures up to 20” w. c. and perform is best with 70% to 80% aeration, but other air-gas ratios can be used.

At normal mixture pressures burner flames are very stable in air stream velocities up to 5000 f.p.m. Where the burner must be operated below 1” w. c. mixture pressure limit the air velocity to 1200 f.p.m.

Flame travel is instantaneous from section to section, without the necessity of crossover strips.

The Universal Pilot Mounting Bracket bolts to any flange on either side of the burner. This provides the location for single point spark ignition and flame protection.