The VA Burner offers high turndown of 20:1

Selas’ versatile VA-Burner employs the variable-area principle. That is, the position of the burner tip changes as the pressure exerted by the fuel mixture upon the burner diaphragm changes. When mixture pressure exceeds that of a retaining spring, the diaphragm immediately responds by moving the tip to a new position which provides an enlarged port area. This special design feature makes a 20-to-1 operating range possible.

Features and Benefits

  • Faster heating. The high speed of radiant heat transfer and greater intimacy between the heat source and the workpiece assures faster heating without flame impingement.
  • Finer control. Burners focus radiant heat and, when necessary, pattern the heat to yield different degrees of intensity. Uneven heat losses in a furnace can be offset by directing radiant heat so it is proportional to losses.
  • Improved product quality. Faster, more uniform heating frequently improves product quality as it minimizes scaling, decarburization, and the oxidation of materials.

Operating Principles

As a Duradiant-type burner, the VA offers many inherent advantages
The air/gas mixture is distributed radially about the VA-Burner’s surface and combustion is completed within the burner cup. The surface of the refractory cup, heated by high velocity combustion products at their highest temperature, becomes highly incandescent and beams radiant heat directly to the workpiece.

Burner Selection Data
This burner is generally not recommended for temperatures over 2000o F. For higher temperatures, or for applications not requiring the high turndown feature, select from the Selas Duradiant Burner product line.?Reference data and specifications in downloads section.

Designed for furnace wall mounting and for use at temperatures up to 2000o F
The VA-Burner is ideally suited for use in galvanizing settings, for differential roll hardening furnaces (to satisfy long soak cycles); for car-bottom furnaces (where programming is required); for annealing covers; or for strip lines where demanding combustion atmosphere specifications are required over a wide operating range. The VA-Burner is used in conjunction with the Selas Combustion Controller which maintains optimum control of the gas/air ratio through minimum-to-maximum flow conditions.