Selas Ribbon Burners Bring More Flexibility To Heat Treating Applications.
Selas Ribbon Burners are specially designed heating units for use where a narrow, uniform sheet or “ribbon” of flame is desired. With its geometric and combustion stability, it is usually employed in continuous heat processing applications. The unique assembly of perforated refractory ribbon plates allow for maximum flame retention and resistance to thermal attack. The flame pattern can be arranged parallel, at right angles to the work or at an oblique arrangement.

Selas ribbon burners are a popular choice in the textile and metal-fabricating and industries. Typical applications include ink drying; air heating; glass forming; wire annealing; textile drying; calender heating; soldering and brazing; curing metal coatings; and heat treating plastic webs.

Features and Benefits

  • Geometric and combustion stability
  • Ideal for glass, printing, textile, metal-fabricating and wire applications
  • Perforated refractory ribbon plates create maximum flame retention
  • Interchangeable end-flange assemblies are available