Selas products and brands are known and used worldwide in numerous industries including primary metals, metal fabrication, paper making, petrochemical, food production, automotive, glass manufacturing, ceramics, plastics and textiles.

Leader in Heat Technology

For 120 years, Selas has been known as a pioneer and leader in heat technology. Our heritage began with gas street lights in 19th century Germany. From there, Selas engineers began to explore other combustion needs and to develop new gas mixing products. The company expanded throughout the world and in 1930 sold its first radiant burner, followed later by heat processing furnaces.

Today, Selas serves the industrial thermal processing industry with a comprehensive range of innovative and reliable combustion systems and thermal components. Our proven approach to combustion blends rugged products with the best technologies to provide clean, safe, and efficient heat. Selas products are engineered to provide maximum fuel efficiency, dependable operation, and to help make your thermal process more profitable and successful. We also offer strong customer service and start-up assistance.

Our Brands



Pyronics has been serving industry for over 60 years as a supplier of combustion products and services to commercial manufacturers ranging from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, food processing, chemicals, heat treating, powder coating and textiles.

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Ray Burner?

Since 1872 Ray Burner has provided a wide range of dual-fuel package burners for the industrial combustion markets and commercial boiler market primarily in North America.

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Red-Ray’s broad range of direct gas-fired burners employs an air-gas mixture that combusts and heats an emitter to produce high temperatures and maximum radiation in the medium wavelength 1-5 micron range.

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Ensign Ribbon Burner

Ensign Ribbon Burner (ERB) products are the benchmark of the industry, with a wide assortment of ribbon burners and combustion systems.

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Webster Combustion?

Webster Combustion is a leading manufacturer of custom and semi-custom multi-fuel boiler burners for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets.

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